A treatment encounter is an interaction on physical, verbal and energy levels. Interaction on the Physical level first involves the interaction of two bioelectric fields.Since humans tend to be variable frequency generators, there is the probability of entrainment. Christiaan Huygens showed some three hundred years ago that pendulum clocks will entrain within a short period of time. Women living together will tend to entrain their menstrual cycles. Differences between intra and interoperator reliability in studies of the cranial rhythmic impulse frequencies was a stumbling block to the scientific application of biosynchronization until well into the 21st century. On the physical level intent can be expressed through direct and indirect forces that only require the patient’s tacit verbal consent, and may not include the physician’s conscious awareness of entrainment. 

     The Verbal level is the level of lying, which is what separates us humans from other animals and machines (Now, don’t crinkle your face up. Remember the Garden of Eden). It is possible to heal with words but that implies trust on a deeper level than verbal. Interaction on the verbal level involves the exchange of information that allows us to more quickly grasp the patient’s belief system and what it is willing to allow. The patient on the other hand expects a mythos that will complement their belief system. Lying is often necessary to protect those parts of a belief system that are not ready to change. The physician can learn to use pitch, sonority and tempo to create a welcoming intent, and it is often these qualities that will convince more than the actual words spoken.

     On an Energy level the interactive prerequisite for entrainment is contact between the mental bodies. The patient’s mental body may be beneath, on the surface of , or above the surface of the physical body. This may not seem so preposterous when you realize that the electromagnetic fields associated with a wire carrying current are not limited to the surface of the wire. Contact on this level may be unconscious, conscious, or conscious with intent. For delicately balanced highly defensed persons, conscious intent may be experienced as an intrusion no matter how benign or noble the intention. The idea that  expectantly, simply listening to the PRI unfold is a passive non-interventional process, involves some delusion on the healer’s part, because this entrainment is a physical process that changes the patient even though the healer may think that they are simply observing. It is also possible that the patient may entrain the physician. Intent on an energy level is most suitably presented as an offering that may or may not be accepted.

     The patient has already offered intent by coming into a physician’s space. While it is not always necessary for a physician to verbalize, expressed intent on some level is a response that completes the circuit. Understanding the normal as well as the individual’s anatomy is the most powerful step in offering acceptable intent and arriving at a successful treatment encounter.

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