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The links on this page will provide information on prolotherapy, a treatment that focuses on strengthening torn or frayed tendons or tightening the ligaments around loose joints. We also offer a more updated version of prolotherapy that uses the patient's own Platelet Rich Plasma to induce a repair response. We do not currently offer prolozone therapy.

The "Overview" introduces the theory behind this therapeutic approach, and describes the mechanism of healing it employs and the techniques used in applying it.

There is a consent form which will be used if you choose, in consultation with Dr. Juhl or one of his osteopathic colleagues, to undertake this form of treatment as appropriate for your health and condition.

"What to Expect" will help guide you through the treatment and recovery process involved in prolotherapy.

If you are interested in this form of therapy, or have had it recommended to you as an appropriate approach to your personal health and healing, please take some time to review these materials and note any questions you may have for further discussions with your treating physician.