January 26, 2009

     With the publication of a randomized trial of the favorable effect of genistein on bone mineral density,[i] Genistein formulated as Fosteum becomes an attractive option for the treatment of osteopenia. For those who do not have prescription coverage and cannot afford the Fosteum prescription, here is a less expensive reasonable alternative, available at Nutripharma, 6 E. 46th St.

     Twin Labs Mega Soy #60 capsules @ $23.96. Each contains 80 mg of isoflavones with:

  1. 40 mg genistein
  2. 31 mg daidzen
  3. 9 mg glycitin

At two capsules a day this is about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of Fosteum.

     Life Extension also makes a product with 27 mg of Genistein called Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones (LEF product # 758) available at www.lifeextension.com or at (800) 544-4440.

John H. Juhl, D.O.
625 Madison Ave., #10A
New York, NY 10022
(212) 838-8265

[i] Marini H, Minutoli L, et. al., Effects of the phytoestrogen genistein on bone metabolism in osteopenic postmenopausal women, Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007;146:839-847.