August 30, 2002

Dear Editor,

     Thanks to Rivera-Martinez for a fascinating article on cranial strain patterns in patients with idiopathic Parkinsons disease (JAOA V102#8, Aug 2002, p.417-22). In the Discussion they theorize that "lack if mobility of the occiput may effect the SBS". Yet surprisingly, the prevalence of SBS compression in their study is quite low. There also does not appear to be a Handedness effect although the disease, as discussed, usually affects one side more severely.

     We still have much to understand of the synergy which occurs with mindful interaction of physician and patient bio-electric fields that plays such havoc with inter-operator reliability. Despite the perennial problem of physician (and institutional) bias toward particular types of cranial findings, this is a significant early step in trying to define the prevalence of cranial patterns in various populations and how they interact with various medical conditions. Thanks again for a most stimulating article.